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16th February 2006

andya555551:16am: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11372081/

Omg. Just... oh my god.

They have resorted to *wearing* their trash >_>!

27th January 2006

violeteyedhair10:16am: I made one of the best discoveries ever yesterday: Read more...Collapse )

And to think, no one else saw it as MK tossed it to the side, into the public waste receptacle! ;o; How considerate~ ♥

17th November 2005

cami7139:34am: OK, so Mary-Kate apparently dropped out of NYU, :(.

This makes obtaining her trash a bit harder. I'm very sad to learn of this news.

It looks like Ashley will now be the focus of our trash nabbing! Until she drops out, too.

10th September 2005


Today I bought the best thing ever!




7th September 2005


Hi, new people!!!

Do comment or something. The community died before it started as it was more or less a joke.

1st May 2005

cami7136:49pm: We need to pimp this community. If we don't, we'll never accomplish our goal: to have Olsen Trash in the hands of every human being on the planet!

Pimp pimp pimp!

20th April 2005

andya555552:14am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh my god. This requires no explaination.

28th March 2005

andya555557:21pm: I thought about Olsen Trash today.

Then I realized that Licorice was cheating on me with Coconut. My thoughts quickly turned to pain, merciless agony!!!

I r t3h angsttt.

13th March 2005

andya555555:23pm: We should post a picture or two of our goal <3

10th March 2005

cami71311:09pm: This is the community for stealing trash made by the Olsen Twins
Ok. Basically, this is about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their wonderful trash. They make lots of trash every day...They are girls after all.

Anyway, we want some of that trash....

We come up with solid plans to steal it and then full fill our dreams by stealing as much as possible!

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have trash

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28th May 2006

andya555552:29am: xCrAAzyMandi23x: http://www.imdb.com/gallery/hh/0809720/HH/0809720/iid_964546.jpg?path=pgallery&path_key=Smith,%20Riley
AndyA55555: Oh, he's cute
AndyA55555: What has he acted in?
xCrAAzyMandi23x: um a disney channel movie, a mary kate and ashley movie
xCrAAzyMandi23x: lmfao
AndyA55555: LMFAO!
xCrAAzyMandi23x: uh tv shows here and there
AndyA55555: Well he's perfect obviously!
xCrAAzyMandi23x: obv!
AndyA55555: How did you find him>?
xCrAAzyMandi23x: what do you mean..."find him"?
AndyA55555: Like, did you see him on tv and think "Wow he's hot"
xCrAAzyMandi23x: um yeahhh
xCrAAzyMandi23x: lol
xCrAAzyMandi23x: and i think i rented new york minute
AndyA55555: Just to see him?
xCrAAzyMandi23x: no i didnt know he was in it
xCrAAzyMandi23x: lol
xCrAAzyMandi23x: i felt like watching that movie
AndyA55555: And then- your discovery XD
xCrAAzyMandi23x: hottnesss all arounddd
AndyA55555: You know where all of the cute boys are!
xCrAAzyMandi23x: yes..yes i do
xCrAAzyMandi23x: u go to mary kate and ashley movies to find hot guys
AndyA55555: They have a brother or two
AndyA55555: I don't think they're cute though :-(
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